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Android Outpacing iOS in Tablet Vendor Market
Approximately two-thirds of the tablets shipped worldwide in the third quarter were Android devices, according to the latest industry data. Additionally, the Apple iPad had less than one-third of the tablet market share. In the past year, Android has passed iOS as the predominant O/S. Android has increased market share from 38% to 62.6% during the year, and iOS has seen its share fall from 60.3% to 32.5%.

Apple is still the leading tablet vendor. The iPad no longer outsells all Android tablets combined, however, it still outsells all individual competitors. Apple sold 14.6 million tablets in the second quarter, down from its sales in the previous quarter but still ahead of all other vendors.

The iPad continues to set the pace for sales of all other tablets, according to analysts. Apple attributes an overall decline in tablet sales to the absence of a new iPad offering during the second quarter. With no new iPads, the market slowed for many vendors and is expected to continue into the third quarter. However, analysts believe that by the fourth quarter we can expect new products from Apple, Amazon, and others to drive growth in the market.

Industry reports that 45.1 million tablets shipped during the second quarter, down 9.7% from the first quarter, but up 59.6% from the second quarter of last year. The top five tablet vendors were Apple (14.6 million), Samsung (8.1 million), Asus (2 million), Lenovo (1.5 million) and Acer (1.4 million).

Microsoft did not make the top five, but 2 million Windows and Windows RT tablets were sold during the second quarter. Microsoft, Dell, Acer and Asus make Windows tablets. Windows increased its market share from 1% a year ago to 4% in the most recent quarter. However, most believe the Windows platform has a long way to go to challenge the ever popular Android.