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Motorola Solutions\' Sold to Zebra
Zebra will now be one of the world\'s largest providers of RFID hardware with the purchase of Motorola Solutions. Zebra will now tout fixed and handheld RFID readers, printers, readers and encoders in addition to software.

In addition to RFID and bar-coding, the acquisition of Motorola Solutions brings real-time location system (RTLS) technology that Zebra Technologies coveted.

The transaction and associated approvals and documentation is anticipated for completion by the end of 2014. The sale price is estimated to be $3.45 billion. Zebra is based in Lincolnshire, Il. and Motorola in Schaumberg, IL.

The Zebra aquisition will inlude Motorola\'s Mobile computing, barcoding, RFID hardware, as well as its card-printing and cloud-based device-management technologies. Zebra is expected to operate the joint businesses under the Zebra Technologies brand.

The acquisition will add Motorola\'s approximate $2.5 billion yearly revenue to Zebra\'s $1 billion business. The combined companies with employ 7,200 employees worldwide. Motorola is a patent rish business, presumed to be a key part of the acquisition strategy for Zebra. Motorola presently has nearly 3,700 issued and pending patents.

This deal is expected to make Zebra one of the world\'s largest players in RFID technology.

7 yrs. ago (2007), Motorola Solutions acquired Symbol Technologies which sold handheld ultrahigh-frequency (UHF) RFID readers, portable data terminals and bar-code scanners. Both companies provided complementary pieces of RFID solutions to customers. Customers/applications included retailers, hospitals and logistics firms.

The Zebra/Motorola \"marriage\" makes sense considering the total product offerings. The timing seemed right from a interest rate and acquisition marketplace. The growing customer needs for mobile workers and the complimentary products the combined comapny offers is a strong strategy to move the businesses forward. Our product portfolio allows our customers to aquire data and store on cloud-based servers to manage information.

Zebra will use its recently opened Zatar unit to address the growth in cloud-based data management. This application will enable users to track printers, RFID readers and PDAs (in addition to other items) as part of the Internet of Things process of tracking goods online.

The Zebra purchase of Motorola Solutions\' will also expand its presence geographically by providing it with Motorola\'s reseller partners.

The Motorola Solutions business units that are not part of the transaction include Motorola\'s iDEN network products, such as two-way radios for mobile work crews, and its government-services unit. This reduces Motorola Solutions\' core markets to only government and public-safety customers.