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Connected Grill Thermometer Maker Announces $10 Million Push
iDevices, a maker of Bluetooth connected thermometers, announced it has invested approximately $10 million in a HomeKit smart home product and a corresponding platform it will unveil in the coming months.

The company was selected by Apple to develop one of the first HomeKit products and because of this decided to invest heavily in creating a HomeKit-centric smart home platform that other home appliance makers and brands will leverage.

It is clear the company sees a big opportunity beyond its initial line of smart home products. In addition to targeted kitchen products, it appears the HomeKit smart home platform will expand into home security.

The company has created the iDevices platform that other home device makers can leverage. They believe their partners will use the iDevices Platform, a complete suite of solutions covering all aspects of HomeKit enablement.

Analysts believe it could mean iDevices will possibly sell hardware modules with its technology to build into products and also license its own software. T is clear iDevices wants other appliance makers building products using their technology.

Finally, given iDevices focus on Bluetooth, clearly, the short range wireless technology will be central to their new platform. Bluetooth is continuing to gain speed as the smart home technology of choice.