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A-50M Omni-Directional Fixed Position Scanning Module

The ZBA A-50M scanning module is a compact size omni-directional barcode scanner small enough to be integrated into a wide variety of equipment. The A-50M uses a proprietary hardware enhanced decoder that allows the unit to decode up to 1200 scan lines per second. This translates into superior scan performance, especially when the target label is moving and the orientation of the label is highly variable. Advanced optics in conjunction with the previously mentioned decode electronics allows the A-50M to achieve excellent results and support a depth of field of up to 20cm.

The scan module has a set of mounting holes on the bottom of the unit and the back to allow the user the flexibility to mount the scanner in the optimum position for the application. The cable can pivot through 90 degrees as it enters the scanner to allow for either bottom or rear mounting capability.


  • Superior scanning performance
  • High-performance omni-directional scan engine yields 1,200 scans per second for quick and accurate reads
  • 20 scan lines in 5 different directions
  • Depth of Field 0-210mm (100% UPC, PCS=90%)
  • Intelligent, cubic design
  • Easy integration into new equipment
  • Flexible communications
  • Multiple interfaces include Keyboard, RS-232C, USB and Wand Emulation
  • Programmable tone and visual indicator
  • Dimensions: 72mm (H) x68mm (W) x 66mm (D)