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Z-1070 Portable Data Collector, KIT
The ZBA Z-1070 Portable Data Terminal can be used as a batch data collector, tethered barcode reader or a Bluetooth enabled data collector/scanner. It is small and lightweight and can easily fit into an employee#39s pocket for easy handling. The product uses a powerful CMOS image sensor scan engine to ensure quick, accurate reads of all popular barcodes. The easy to use PC based Taskgen makes cutomized programming a snap. Designed for high volume low cost applications, the Z-1070 is the only portable data terminal with an LCD display in its class. With enhanced power management features the Z-1070 provides sufficient battery life to support a multitude of different applications whether at home, in a retail, or an industrial environment.

Features Easy to use, pocket-sized handheld terminal 64K bits non-volatile memory Stores up to 1000 barcodes Optional built-in Class 1 Bluetooth communications Powerful laser engine for quick, accurate scans Rechargeable NiMH battery FSTN, 96 x 32 dots (16 x 4 characters) Low power warning Easy to use built-in program generator Easy user defined Windows based task generator for a variety of applications