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ZB-8250 Long Range CCD Bar Code Reader, w/PDF417

The ZBA ZB8250 is a durable and ergonomically designed, best-value handheld scanner in its class.  The scanner is a long range CCD barcode scanner and is suitable for a wide range of applications, from retail checkout and inventory management, to invoicing in offices and shipping/receiving control in factories.  This CCD scanner replaces traditional laser bar code scanners with high-speed scanning at a lower cost of ownership.  The ZB8250 has a high intensity aiming line and captures bar codes from as far away as 200 mm.  The ZB8250 scans at 200 scans per second and reads 1D and 2D barcodes. The ZB8250 is user programmable for both handheld and hands-free mode (using the optional adjustable stand). Offered in multiple interfaces including USB, K/B Wedge, RS232.
5 yr. limited warranty included.

  • Durable and ergonomically designed
  • High intensity aiming line
  • Scanning speed 200 scans/sec.
  • Good read LED indicator and tone programmable beeper
  • Built-in decoder allows automatic recognition and decoding of most popular barcode symbologies
  • Minimum resolution of 0.1mm (4mil) and reading distance of 0-200mm
  • USB, RS-232C, or Keyboard Emulation Interfaces
  • Long-range activation
  • Adjustable stand (optional)
  • Upgradable Flash ROM