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ZB3051BT Hand Held Bluetooth Laser Barcode Scanner

The ZBA ZB3051BT is a handheld high speed laser barcode scanner that combines advanced scanning capability and wireless connectivity.  This scanner guarantees to deliver efficiency to any retail, office or warehouse environment.  The high performance decoding technology provides real time scanning and hardware decoding capability that ensures unbeatable first read success. 

The ZB3051BT has a Bluetooth range of 100 meters (class 1) in an open environment. The ZB3051BT has an internal non-volatile 32K memory to insure that every scan is captured should the user inadvertently wander out of the communication range.

Although the ZB3051BT is slender and lightweight the case is designed to operate in rugged environments.  Its durable trigger switch has been designed and tested to withstand heavy usage.  The indicator LEDs and beeper are programmable to cater to the users preference.  The ZB3051BT is a multiple interface handheld Laser scanner and comes complete with a hands-free stand. 



  • Wireless freedom
  • Flashing LED indicator and programmable beeper
  • Smart charging to prolong battery life
  • Light-weight and streamlined shape